30. July 2014

Wow. If it had to be described in one word, that would be it and wouldn’t be doing it justice.

First dates never go to plan and this was no exception, I was an hour late, he got lost, and it was still so amazing!
Minus the interruption at the pub by some drunk 17 year old, poor girl, it was so good. Amazing to look at, easy to talk to, was so nice and just kept making me smile. There was no awkward silences, no struggle to find a topic of conversation and - I need to stop gushing and this isn’t even the best bit…
So after the drink he takes me home. And later he said he thought that was it… That wasn’t it…
Went indoors, went upstairs, sat in my room and talked. Offered him a drink and he said I know what I do fancy though, and we kissed.
He is such a good kisser, was hungry for his lips, and we were just fooling around, kissing, hands going everywhere, lips going everywhere…
Clothes going everywhere.
Now I know you shouldn’t ever sleep with someone on a first date, but I don’t care. It was sooooo good.
Him on top, me on top, and him so deep I felt like I’d never had sex before. And then I did some new thing, cumming while having sex. Wow. Was so good! And he felt it too, and then he came a bit later and apologised for cumming to soon. I came first, and he apologised…. Lucky girl I was…
So a bit dazed, a bit lost in the moment, pj bottoms on, tv on and laying in bed with him kissing again…. And we slept together again….
Just so amazing, and I get to see him again on Friday, so I look forward to that. A lot.


3. July 2014

I don’t know who you are if you don’t tell me, and I don’t make uninformed decisions. A little less vague about who you and I’ll think about it, which is more than normal, which you probably already know…


Just hanging round my kitchen naked, in my high heels, spreading my butt cheeks, what do you think I’m doing?